Swire Properties 太古地產

Swire Properties 太古地產 公司簡介:

Established in Hong Kong in 1972, Swire Properties (Stock Code: 1972) develops and manages world-class commercial, retail, hotel and residential properties, typically large-scale, mixed-use developments. The Company was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2012.

Central to our success are the scale and vision of our developments, which have, over the years, transformed the surrounding areas into vibrant business and residential neighbourhoods.

We see our role as much more than that of a developer of buildings for sale.

We are convinced that the application of our core values of integrity, originality, long-term focus and quality will bring substantial and long-lasting value to our customers and stakeholders. With this in mind, we set about creating inspiring and integrated spaces where people want to spend time: to live, work and to enjoy life to the full.

We explore new ideas and seek out original ways to unlock the potential of spaces, transforming them into vibrant neighbourhoods and inviting destinations. Over many years,  we have created value by transforming under-utilised though well located sites  into thriving shopping malls, business hubs or cosy homes that are now highly sought-after. We also constantly upgrade and fine-tune our portfolio to meet the changing needs of our customers and tenants.

We adopt an innovative and holistic approach to development. Whether we are developing a location from scratch or revitalising an existing neighbourhood, we focus on nurturing sustainable and cohesive communities of which residents can be proud. We take great care to complement the intrinsic character of the neighbourhood, bringing out the best in these locations while being sensitive to the surrounding environment.

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